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Date and Place

The international conference will take place from 12 to 14 June 2019 at the main building (Hauptgebäude) of the University of Bonn (address: Am Hof 1).

The Organizing Team

After successfully organizing a joint conference in May 2013 under the heading “Las Américas – The Americas – Die Amerikas”: Tendiendo puentes entre las Américas de hoy y ayer with about 250 participants, we take another challenge and would like to host once more researchers and colleagues from all over the world, sharing their ongoing and future research with us.

The conference Future today / yesterday / tomorrow: Visions of future(s) in the Americas is a joint project, organized by:

At the heart of all of this is a small and committed group of conference organizers consisting of: Louise Beckschulte, Paul Graf, Nikolai Grube, Antje Gunsenheimer, Carla Jaimes Betancourt, Mirjana Jandik, Philipp Krueger, Karoline Noack, Naomi Rattunde, Frauke Sachse, Elisabeth Stauss, Lena Voigtlaender and Eriko Yamasaki.

“The conference team at work!”


From left to right: Lena Voigtlaender, Naomi Rattunde, Paul Graf, Mirjana Jandik,
Antje Gunsenheimer, Carla Jaimes Betancourt and Eriko Yamasaki.


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