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1519 – 2019: Colonialism and Survival Strategies

Opening: Jun. 12, 19:30 h, Rondell

The exhibition arises as a necessity to reflect upon the 500 years’ anniversary of the arrival of Hernán Cortéz in Mexico, and its implications for the upcoming centuries. As the discussions on the topic vary, so do the characters and actors we chose to present. Linear chronology is a possible way of organizing the historical events. However, we understand them as multi-scalar in time. Past, present, and future are interwoven, and like strands of the same web they cross each other.

The central actors of this exhibition are Malintzin (Mexico), Guamán Poma de Ayala (Andean Region) and the Quilombolas which spread all over the Americas. The three topics are used as examples to reflect upon the complex relations among Amerindian groups and between Amerindians and Europeans, the destructive system established by the Spanish Crown, the importance of Catholicism within the colonial society, and the reinvention of African societies in the Americas.


The exhibition was curated by a group of students of the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas: Taynã Tagliati, Danitza Márquez, Lea Hennrich, Ana María Bucheli, with the support of Dario Schulz for the design and Angela Weber as consultant. To complement the exhibition “1519 – 2019”, they also organized the Film Screening Series dedicated to indigenous imaginaries of the future, one of the five cross-cutting topics of the conference.